Express your creative ideas in vibrant luscious colors!

Create your favorite illustrations, cartooning, animé and fine art projects on a wide variety of surfaces. Add these markers to your alcohol ink collection for more creative possibilities! Use them to draw crisp lines, fill in sharp solids, create color gradations, and add depth to drawings with shading and shadowing techniques.

  • Fast-drying, alcohol-based markers with dual-tip felt nibs – 1mm and chisel-tip
  • Vibrant, low-odor colors are waterproof and smudge-proof
  • Organic, solvent-based (free from toluene/xylene)
  • Available in sets of 6 or 12

contains all of the primary colors: 974 Carbon Black, 960 Light Green, 956 Primary Cyan, 914 Primary Magenta, 936 Vermilion, and 919 Primary Yellow.

Alpha Robot: is ideal for shading or learning to draw three-dimensionally. The colors include 986 Cool Grey Deep, 991 Cool Grey, 985 Cool Grey Light, 988 Warm Grey Deep, 992 Warm Grey, and 987 Warm Grey Light.

Sugarholic: contains the colors: 974 Carbon Black, 991 Cool Grey, 948 Brunt Umber, 976 Phthalo Green Deep, 960 Light Green, 958 Ultramarine Deep, 952 Cerulean Blue, 950 Brilliant Violet, 906 Permanent Pink, 937 Cadmium Red Middle, 925 Brillant Orange, and 919 Primary Yellow.

Marabu Graphix Sketch Markers Alcohol Based

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